new build

Architect Conran & Partners

When asked by the director of Stonehurst Estates Clive Lynton to build the family's new home in Sussex we did not hesitate in stepping up to the challenge. With creative design from a more commercial construction this truly is a modern home. The external walls have been built using insulated concrete formwork (ICF)providing u-values that exceed current building regulations. Working together with both architect and engineer we found practical solutions to gain the required strength within the walls for the cantileverd floor slab and create the overhangs that make this house so distinctive. The house now stands well enhancing the generous location and although our building work is now complete we are still involved on a advisory level and look forward to completion in the spring.

Lynton House New Build

concrete pouring

blockwork and supports

scaffolding surrounding the development

insulated concrete formwork (ICF)

construction detail

overhang detail

We were able to conceal the rain water pipes within the insulation of the walls to add to the overall effect. Other features include ground source heating and rain water harvesting.

An excellent project to be involved in! 


Lynton House building site

blockwork construction

Lynton House under construction

New-build project in development

completed new build
Artists impression