The old hall

Grade II star restoration

This grade II star restoration project caters for the majority of the building, and the main elements included; complete roof restoration, structural work including strapping and beam replacement, window restorations.

Roof timbers restoration

Roof renovation: new air-dried oak beams are carefully moved into place (with much team work) and installed employing only period carpentry techniques.

Roof restoration roof

Stone fireplace lintel restoration

Fireplace lintel restored using especially selected sandstone and carved for a perfect match.

Stone fireplace lintel restorationStone fireplace lintel restoration

Chimney Restoration
Building Restoration

The stone building is extended using high quality materials and craftsmanship producing a finish that matches the existing stonework.

Rafter restoration Roofers
Moving oak beams using teamwork!  Moving beams into place Stone Window Stone window - note alighnment of courses
Stone window restoration Stone window renovation