The old stone barn


The deterioration of these iron stone walls can be attributed to; the lack of rainwater goods, and the resulting ingression of water; the weight of the old roof bearing heavily onto the queen post truss; and the decaying rafters and wall plate. The structural fabric of the building will be repaired and restored when the better weather arrives should the client, architect and local authority find a viable usage that will be critical for this building’s future

You can certainly see the history of this old stone barn, it has been extended during the past to double its original size. The queen post truss and lime rendered walls indicate that at some point modest accommodation was to be found on the first floor. Having been involved in the early stages of this barn restoration it was imperative to carefully remove the Collywestern slate roof and stabilize in order to make safe and reduce further loss and damage..

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Regular and diligent maintenance whether occupied or left standing is critical for a buildings future. 

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