Our bricklayers are qualified and experienced in using new and old bricks of all ages and both traditional and modern techniques. The utmost care is taken to match bricks new and old using our comprehensive network of suppliers nationwide.

For brickwork that requires some love and attention, we survey the area, cutting out decaying or damaged bricks and mortar, clearing vegetation and replacing it with suitable brickwork and pointing – using traditional lime mortars wherever appropriate. We are careful to apply the right colour of mortar and the right finishing techniques for the job in the time-honoured way.

Our brickwork for new build homes is also matched to the surrounding environment. We are happy to work to architects drawings or to work with self-builders who draw upon our expertise, always taking into consideration the context in which they sit.

Members of the National Trust and Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).

We also run an apprentice scheme to train the experts of the future, passing on the knowledge of our trades people.

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Repairs to period walled garden

brick garden wall

Crinkle crankle wall repair

Crincle Crancle wall repair

Brickwork repair to window

brickwork repair to window

Sympathetic brickwork repairs using matching bricks and lime mortar after previous poor repairs

Sympathetic brickwork repair to window